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Can I ask you if you are planing to translating the whole story to English?? (a lot of people would be grateful) =o) 
btw awesome gallery I really love your work

Amazing! Rox and Sirius are charming ^^

Спасибо, что стали идейной вдохновительницей к этому фику и создали чудесную героиню :3Happy Happy..Onion 

Why don't you draw them anymore?
InayaStormclaw Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Is there a fanfic? Because if there is, tell me! I want to read it. Roxanne and Sirius look absolutely wonderful together.
what is the story that introduces Roxane/Sirius? Im really interested.
mangasockattack Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really want to hear more about Sirius/Roxanne! Draw more of them~
kuro-no-hikari Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hey Viria! Er, can I ask you something?
well, first, sorry my English is very very bad, so...
I was looking at the draws of Sirius and Roxanne... and I was thinking, in ask for you if I could make a fanfiction of them... So, that's it.. Can I make a fanfiction of Sirius and Roxanne?
annimausii Aug 10, 2012
The translation of the text at the side:
1. Parents are telling during dinner that Roxanne is going to learn as Slytherin in Hogwarts.
2. Unbelieveable they don't convince Dumbledore's hat.
3. Matriculation and introduction of Roxanne to the students.
4. Meeting of the eyes with Sirius.
5. Acquaintance with Lily - books.
6. The first lesson together Gryffindor - Slytherin.
7. Admiration for her hair.
8. She released Bellatrix (Ghosts) [I'm not quite sure about this translation]
9. Start of the friendship with Lily.
10. Selections in the Quidditch-Team.
11. Position of the chaser.
12. Conversation near the toilet.
13. Conversation in the corridor.
14. First game: Slytherin - Gryffindor.
15. Enchanted bat.
16. Sirius VS. hospital wing
17. Efforts to take revenge (however you have to come up with HOW)
18. Venomed faculty
19.Together at one table
20. Letter
21. Thunderstorm
22. Moment with [I don't get the last word]
23. Dark corridor
24. Hospital
25. Maradeur's Map
26. Back to the owner
27. Ball
28. Slytherins got [I'm not sure about this part], she left the castle during full moon
29.Maradeurs know the truth about that she's an animagus, too.
30. Hogsmeade.
31. Punishment
32. Don't watch at her lips
33. [I couldn't translate this]
34. Moment in a niche - before the kiss

I hope this translation will help you. =)

At viria: I love your gallery especially Sirius. ;)
its roughly written but understandable i just wish it was detailed. THANKS!!!
Is there an English version of the story of Sirius and Roxanne? Translators don't translate it well and the story doesn't make any sense.
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